We Donuts

We pride ourselves on making Perth’s finest donuts and serving them with warmth to our awesome tribe of loyal customers.

Our aim has always been to BRIGHTEN YOUR DAY and our 3 core values are as follows:


1. Love Your Neighbour - Treat everyone (staff, customers, suppliers etc.) with courtesy & respect.

2. Wonder - Delicious donuts made with a sense of creativity and fun.

3. Warmth - Treat customers as valued friends and serve them with excellence.

Top Dup Donuts David The Donut Man

Our Journey

This story began way back in 2012 when Top Dup founders David & Georgi began wheeling a little handmade coffee-cart out the front of their suburban church each Sunday morning to make a handful of coffees for the locals.

This evolved into a regular gig at several farmers markets and Murdoch Uni in Perth's southern suburbs.

Late in 2014 we started searching for the perfect companion to serve alongside our delicious coffee and so began experimenting making donuts. After 6 months and endless batches we started getting somewhere and Top Dup Donuts was born.

After countless farmers markets, hawkers markets and pop-ups (not to mention supplying local cafes) we moved into our infamous Willagee store in 2015 and have been going strong ever since.

The biggest highlight of the entire journey has been slowly collecting a super loyal and awesome community of customers, staff, suppliers and supporters. It really is a pleasure doing business with you guys.